Retreat to Maple Grove’s Parks & Open Spaces

Maple Grove’s natural surroundings offer a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of the capital, with a helping of quality parks and outdoor spaces to discover, explore, and appreciate.

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Retreat to Maple Grove’s Parks & Open Spaces

It’s no surprise that the Hackbridge area prides itself on a green approach to living with the locality known for its environmentally friendly outlook as well as protected parks that are rich in history.

Expect to find open areas that can only be described as a ‘green oasis’ with Hackbridge’s flagship park none other than Beddington Park, said to be one of the most rich, historical and archaeological sites in south west London with evidence of settlements dating back to the late Bronze Age.

Beddington also spans nearly 100 acres of land, following the contours of the River Wandle with a range of bridges, formal gardens (dubbed as The Grange) and wide open grassland that makes it a great place to experience a range of activities, events and volunteer opportunities. Moreover, the ample sports and café facilities ensures Beddington Park is the place to hone your skills in the courts or revel in its scenery.

A short ten-minute walk south from your Maple Grove home, you will discover the Wilderness Island nature reserve, complete with wetland, wildflower meadow and woodland habitats.

Wilderness Island prides itself in its long-serving history to the district. Dating back to the 1700s, the northern part of the reserve – the Island, is where the owner of Shepley House made ponds to keep carp to supplement the household diet. These ponds that created the Island still exist to this day. More recently the island has been a hot topic with local residents successfully campaigning for its designation and protection as a Local Nature Reserve in 1987.