Purchaser testimonial: “This house is giving a lot back to me and my sons”

Chloe Holmes’ dream was to have a bedroom for each of her two sons and a private back garden. Only a perfect property would make her move and thanks to purchasing with Help to Buy and Rydon this has been made possible.

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Purchaser testimonial: “This house is giving a lot back to me and my sons”

“I’m an instinct person and when I walked into Plot 2 at Maple Grove I knew there was no other property that would make us move. Everything just felt right. As well as having the three bedrooms and private back garden we wanted it is so cleverly and intelligently laid out. It feels so big on the inside thanks to the design.

Maple Grove’s location is ideal for the local schools and everything else we need. There is also so much being invested in the local area, making Hackbridge much more of a destination and really improving the kerb appeal as a place to live.

The standard of specification is high and all materials and appliances are fantastic, just as described in the marketing literature which painted a very realistic picture of what it would be like to live here.

I was put in touch with a local agent to sell my property by Rydon’s on-site agent Jon Robinson. I also used Rydon’s recommended solicitor and financial planning company. Together everyone worked brilliantly as a team doing all the work behind the scenes, resulting in the sale of my previous property and the dream home I am now in, purchasing through Help to Buy.

The service was without fault, particularly from Jon who was centrally coordinating the processes. He is very genuine, always honest about what was realistic in my budget and how things were going.

When you buy a home you don’t know how it is going to go and you do not always feel in control, but I’d recommended purchasing with Rydon to anybody. Everyone has looked after me throughout the process including the Help to Buy application. Even the aftercare team have quickly picked up any little snags.

The private rear garden is my pride and joy. A Maple tree was planted as part of the garden design, which to me represents long-lasting life and new growth and adds a very special permanent final detail. There are several new trees planted in gardens, which blend with the old established ones which have been here for hundreds of years. We eat outside all the time and it feels like we’re on holiday every day.

It’s changed our life living here. This house is giving a lot back to me and my sons and I want to say thank you to Rydon, we are really grateful.”